Just a few things, all jumbled up as usual.

Saturday - Oct 8, 2016 @ 4:46 pm

School is truly kicking my butt. I have so much to do, and I guess I should probably cut down on my “Destiny” time.. but that’s also time I spend with Seth. I am just so exhausted. Emotionally, especially.

Seth. Nothing really ever changes with THAT. I mean, we SAY we are going to make changes, and start talking about things but it never happens. I get mixed signals from him a lot. Especially when other people are around. It makes me feel confused, lost, frustrated and angry. It’s almost exasperating. I’m not a super needy, lovey dovey mushy type of a person.. but some still, something would be nice. It’s hard for me to feel affectionate towards someone who when I act affectionately, am greeted with nothing in return. It just adds to the “walls” and the “distance.” I need someone who says what they mean, and means what they say. Oh well, more to add to the emotional exhaustion.

Again with Seth. I’m worried about him.. it seems like he isn’t all that worried but I am. I wish I could help him, but I just can’t right now. I am just barely able to pay my own shit right now. School takes away from work so money is really tight for me right now. I do feel bad that I can’t help him, that’s just my nature I guess. I’m the “fixer” and I always try to help people I care about, sometimes to my own detriment. There’s this voice in the back of my head though.. that reminds me of how he’s never really helped me when I needed it. Or been there for me when I needed him.. and I’m not talking about just financially. Emotionally, he’s never been there and that’s way more important to me. I remember when my friend Tracy died.. he was no where to be found. And last summer when my uncle died, who sadly was the closest thing I had to a father, he was no where to be found. As a matter of fact, both times he decided was a good time to go and find “other” people to give his time and attention to. It’s a pattern I guess.. and it sucks. I try not to let that voice into my head too much though, because in the long run, I do care about him and I want good things for him. And truth be told, no matter how much he has hurt me in the past, if I was able to help him I would. I’ve even thought about just letting him come stay with me.. he’s hinted at it and made suggestions a few times, but that would probably be the worst thing I could do right now.. for myself. That’s a big deal to me, letting someone live in my home, sharing my daily life with them. I have to have 100% trust in someone to allow that and I’m already so messed up and full of anxiety, I can’t imagine how bad it would be if he were living here. It sucks, because not only would it be financially beneficial, we both do really care about each other. But it sucks more for him because he made the decisions he made.. and those decisions are the reason I don’t trust him and can’t imagine living in the same home as him.. I mean God, what happens if he were to “cheat” on me then? I’m just not at the point where I can up and leave or change my whole life around.. maybe when my son is out of the house and it’s just me, but right now I can’t even fathom the idea.  And he’s a grown man, I can’t be responsible for his decisions and the consequences of the decisions he makes. It doesn’t mean I don’t care.. because I care so much.

I am tired of being unhappy. I know I have changes to make in my life and a lot of those changes have more to do with my emotional/mental well being than anything else. Because no matter what is going on in your life, no matter how much money you do or don’t have, or what you look like or if you are single or married or anything.. no matter what, if your “mind” is not right, and your “heart” is not right, nothing will be right.

Well there are a lot of other things I wanted to write here but I have other things I need to do right now.

One day at a time.

Wednesday - Sep 28, 2016 @ 7:42 am

While I have some quiet time I figured I would write here. It’s been awhile anyway and as always, I have a lot on my mind.

Today, or yesterday rather, was not a bad day. I’ve had a lot more bad days than not over the past year or so.. so I appreciate the ‘not bad’ days quite a bit. I’m not saying it was an overly good day. Nothing exceptionally great happened, but nothing bad happened. There was no fighting, no anger, no stress, no feelings of inadequacy, no crying myself to sleep or crying period. Just calm.

I did good last night. I didn’t contact *him* at all. There were a few times when I almost texted him, but I stopped myself because I know exactly how it would go.. and I really don’t feel like being told how much he ‘cares about me’ and then being blown off or ignored. It hurts my feelings, it makes me angry, and causes me to feel hatred towards him. I don’t want to hate him, I really don’t. And as hard as it was for me not to contact him, because I do miss him.. he’s not all bad, there are good things about him.. I know that it’ll get easier with time.

I’m not worried about him trying to talk to me.. that would take more effort than our ‘friendship’ was actually worth to him. And that’s something I have to accept. I can’t be mad at that.. I know logically I can’t force a person to care about me or want to work things out with me, but I can be mad at the fact that he plays with my emotions. I don’t want to be mad anymore, though. I don’t want to be sad either.

I’ve been trying to keep the negative thoughts and feelings out of my head. I’m trying to avoid resenting him or being angry.. angry at the fact that nothing about our ‘friendship’ seems to matter to him. He’s like a lump of nothingness. No emotions, no anything. Whether I’m around or not makes no difference in his life. I could die tomorrow and it would make absolutely no difference, nothing would change for him. He would just go about his day as usual like it was nothing, because obviously it is nothing and I am nothing to him. And I have to be okay with that, for my own sanity. I have to stop questioning my self-worth and second guessing myself. I have to stop wondering what’s so wrong with me or why he doesn’t care. I’m good enough. I’m enough. It’s his loss that he can’t see that.

I have to be okay with the fact that if it weren’t for me spending what little money I had on his stupid game he wouldn’t be playing it. It bugs the shit out of me that he continues to use my netflix account.. I mean it’s fucked up that he doesn’t give a shit about me or our so called friendship but has no problem using my shit that I pay for..? That makes me feel kind of used in a way.. but I’m not a petty person. I will leave it for a little while. I have to be okay with the fact that he’d gladly take money or ‘gifts’ from me while lying straight to me about stupid bullshit because he doesn’t respect nor care enough to not be fucking shady. I have to be okay with it because otherwise I’ll go insane. I don’t, however, have to accept it nor do I have to keep putting up with it. And I have to be okay with the fact that as many times as he’s said he cares and as many times as I’ve told him explicitly what’s wrong or what I need, he was incapable of being my person… because he just didn’t care enough to be. I still don’t understand, it’s not like I asked for much… loyalty, respect, some of his time.. I mean when you tell someone you love them, that person will have certain expectations. They’ll expect they can depend on you (even though I should have known better) and they’ll trust that you’ll have their back, be supportive and emotionally present in their life.. or hell, maybe that’s just me.

I need that though. Someone I can count on. Someone who is there for me.. someone who I can be myself around and talk to about anything with.. ANYTHING. Someone who is on my team. It’s not a lot to ask.. not for the right person.

I know he’s not perfect and neither am I by any means.. no where near it at all. I never wanted nor expected perfection. I know I’m damaged and screwed up. I know I don’t deal with my problems or handle my emotions like a ‘normal’ person. He’s right about some things.. like me calling him names or ‘belittling him’ as he puts it. It doesn’t do either of us any good. I think I just get so hurt and angry at him for not giving a shit, and so frustrating from him SAYING he cares but showing me how little he actually does.. and from wanting a reaction and getting nothing.. It hurts and I lash out wanting to hurt him back. But it doesn’t hurt him. The only person I’m hurting by wanting him to care or trying to get him to care is myself.

So I have to stop.

I also know that he’s not the most horrible person in the world.. but I guess there’s just been so much damage done, so many little (and a few big) things that have hurt my heart. It’s hard for me to see the good anymore. He can’t possibly be happy with someone who feels that way about him. He deserves to be happy too.. and maybe one of the other ‘girls’ he talks to can make him happy, because there’s no ‘damage’ there..

There’s a saying.. I can’t remember who said it and I don’t feel like Googling but it goes something like.. “People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel,” and that’s all I know.. how he’s made me feel. It does make me sad.. but I’ll eventually be okay.

I don’t say all of this with any type of animosity. I don’t feel that right now. I feel calm. I feel okay. I need to continue to feel okay. I do hurt, and I do feel little twinges of anger but I push those feelings away as best I can. It will get easier with each day that passes so I just have to keep going and keep being okay.

I’m staying positive.. gonna focus on school work and just stay busy with whatever.. and learn to let myself be happy again. One day at a time.

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Overwhelmed and Alone

Tuesday - Sep 6, 2016 @ 4:08 pm

School is overwhelming. I expected as much, sort of.. I guess it’s just taking me a little while to adjust. Between getting my school work done and working to keep a roof over our head, and other everyday “life” issues, I’m kind of having a rough time right now. I am struggling between getting everything done that I need to get done and having some *recreational* time but it’s not easy. School is important, making money to pay the bills is important too. I try to make time to spend with “S”, but I’ve been so extremely tired lately, and I know eventually, if he hasn’t already, he’ll get bored with me or start talking to someone else and that’ll be that. I won’t deny that it bugs me.. because of course it does, but it is what it is. I don’t have all this free time like he does. I didn’t before either, but now with school.. it’s even worse. So yeah, I have to stay focused and try to get my school work done. I am an adult with adult responsibilities after all, as much as that sucks.

I feel disconnected. I feel like I don’t relate to anyone and no one relates to me. I have all of these *things* going on in my head. I worry about stuff, I overthink things.. and just keeping it all inside definitely doesn’t help. I try to talk to “S” sometimes but he doesn’t seem interested.. he doesn’t “get it” or probably just doesn’t care. And honestly, I just can’t worry about it anymore.. I have enough issues right now to be worrying about if someone else is happy and taken care of when they aren’t fucking concerned about me and what’s going on in my life. I’m not a needy person, not in the least, but I do need to have SOMEONE I can talk to and relate to.. and share the goings on of my life with, no matter how trivial or boring.

I basically just want from someone what I give, but loyalty, true friendship/companionship, and continuity are apparently too much to ask for these days. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll more than likely be alone and stay that way until I die. But I’d rather be alone than deal with someone who is going to cheat on me or blow smoke up my ass.. or start talking to any one who will give them attention when they feel bored or whatever. Being alone isn’t that bad when compared to that, for sure.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and other people over the past few years.. especially this past year, and if I’m being honest I don’t particularly like myself anymore. I mean I’m not a bad person.. Quite honestly, I think I’m pretty great. But I make dumb choices.. I let my emotions guide me when I should make my decisions based on logic and reason. But I’ve learned.. that some people don’t always say what they mean. Some people you just can’t count on. And that no matter how much you care about or love someone, that doesn’t mean they are meant to be a part of your life. I’ve learned that even though I already am very guarded about who I do allow to be a part of my life, I should be more guarded..

I just have so much I need to work on MYSELF. I have goals that I want to achieve, not just with school and a career path, but personal goals. For one, I want to lose weight, for ME, not because I feel like I have to in order to make someone else happy or care about me.. (You can’t make someone care about you, no matter what you look like anyways.) which I think was my biggest mistake. I was trying to change myself for someone else.. someone who didn’t respect nor care about me enough to make me a priority when I’ve always made him a priority… I need to change for ME, and I’m working on it. It’s hard because I don’t always feel like I’m “worth it” anymore. I let someone else’s behavior, and the way they treated me determine how I felt about myself.. another mistake. I want to be better.. but I also have to realize that just because I look a certain way, or am “different” or “weird” or “awkward” or any of the other things that make me ME.. it doesn’t make me unworthy. It doesn’t make me unlikable or unlovable, and even if someone lies to me or cheats on me or treats me like I’m inadequate or not good enough.. that doesn’t make it true, it doesn’t make me not good enough. Because I AM.

Eh.. I digress.

School is hard, yeah, but if I put the work in now.. in two years I’ll be done right at the same time my son graduates. I won’t have to worry about staying in this school district. I can go wherever I want.. with whomever I want.. and do whatever I want. Two years isn’t that far away, it’ll go fast. It’ll be worth it in the long run, but right now, it’s kicking the shit out of me.

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Back to School

Thursday - Aug 11, 2016 @ 7:11 pm

School starts in 11 days, for me and for my son. I’m excited and nervous. Part of me feels like I’m too old to be in college, having a kid who is a junior in high school and also taking college classes himself. But then I tell myself at least I’m trying.. and hopefully I don’t fail.

I finally got all my classes worked out so that I could take them all online. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do that, because all of the 100% online classes that I needed to take were full and the classes were closed. At least I won’t have this problem next semester.

I’m looking forward to school.. to having something to do that makes me feel productive or like I’m actually working towards something. The past year or year and a half has been kind of a downward spiral of depression and self-loathing and I so badly want to get out of it, and this is the first step towards that.

I know that going back to school isn’t going to make everything better. There are many things I need to work on or change, and this is just the start. I’m not happy.. with so many aspects of my life. Relationship, family, work, finances, my weight.. Pretty much everything needs to change.

It’s not going to be easy.. and adding to the fact that I’m in this alone doesn’t help. I don’t have a good support system at all, as far as friends/family or whatever. There’s no one in my life who I can talk to about what I’m going through.. because no one understands and no one can relate. At least no one that I know. It’s a shitty feeling.. but I do know that I am tired of going to sleep feeling sad, I’m tired of feeling alone. I’m tired of waking up and feeling like I have no reason to be awake.

So yeah, school. School is a start.

One thing at a time, one day at a time.

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Closed Classes FML

Wednesday - Jul 27, 2016 @ 6:38 pm

Well, apparently most of the classes I need to take this semester are already closed. Except for one. This isn’t great news. Since I don’t have a vehicle right now I am limited to taking online classes and I really REALLY want to graduate in 2 years, so I absolutely must take at least 4 classes this semester. So I spent the last couple of days e-mailing the instructors of some of the classes I need to see if they would be willing to add me to their online classes even though they are full. One of them replied today saying they don’t take additional students in their online classes. That sucks but honestly I read the reviews on that particular instructor and students said she was quite mean and impersonal, so it’s not surprising. I have about 10 other choices so I’ll just wait and see what they say.

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You never know what a person really feels or thinks.

Monday - Jul 25, 2016 @ 4:55 pm

It’s sad and scary to think that you never really know what a person is really thinking.. or how they truly feel towards you. Everything they say to you could be a huge lie. They simply say what they say just to say it. Or they tell you things they think you need or want to hear to keep you around until someone ‘better’ comes along. Because having ‘someone’ is better to them than being completely alone..

It’s also sad and scary that they just don’t care how toying with someone’s emotions, and making them feel ‘less than’ or ‘not good enough’ affects them. It’s completely screwed up to do that to another human being.

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Randomness.. again.

Thursday - Jul 14, 2016 @ 12:17 am

Just some random stuff.. because it’s easier this way.

It sucks that I didn’t pass that stupid math test.. I kinda knew I wouldn’t but I still hoped I would. Now I have to either take a refresher, non-credit class, or I’ll have to get a tutor and retake the test before Spring registration.. luckily my son is a freaking math genius and can tutor me in college algebra.

I’m excited to be going back to school. I really am, but I’m also kind of nervous.. because I have to maintain a “C” in every upper level class and also because it’s going to be a lot of work. I don’t want to fail or screw it up.

I’ll be glad when my son is out of school, and I’m done with my schooling so I can finally move away from here. Where I’m moving to yet, I don’t know.. but I have no family here anymore, except my mother and her shitbag live-in (who live about an hour away), and they don’t count.

I really hate this apartment.. I wouldn’t mind finding another place to live for the next couple of years until the kiddo and I are both done with school. This place is falling apart and they don’t ever fix anything.

I’m tired of being depressed/unhappy.. It’s hard to get motivated to DO anything when a person is unhappy. I feel drained of energy most days, and I don’t know if it’s because of that or my iron, or a combination of both. I know low iron/anemia can actually make “depression” worse.. but idk. Plus.. there are other things that I know are making me feel down, “relationship” issues, not having anyone to talk to, financial issues. It’s all overwhelming. I don’t even feel interested in sex.. not like I was having sex but I don’t even feel the urge or the drive or whatever it is. And it doesn’t even matter really.

I need a car. Not having a car makes life harder than it would be otherwise. I know that I’ll get one within he next couple of months. I don’t even really miss my old car. It had so many problems.

I want/need to lose weight. This past year has been pretty bad, emotionally.. and I have come to realize that I am one of those people that eats when they get upset or unhappy or stressed.. so I’ve gained weight this past year and it makes me angry, frustrated and feel “less than.” I already have enough issues with feeling not good enough.

I really do wish I had someone I could talk to about stuff.. EVERYTHING. But the only person I really talk to is Seth and it’s clear we can’t really talk about anything “important” without getting upset.. so yeah, it’s best that we just don’t.

Emotional games, I’m so tired of them. It’s not fair how things get turned around on me all the time, any time I try to talk to Seth about our “relationship” or friendship or whatever it is.. he always makes it seem like it’s all me. He puts me on the defensive, and I’m sick of it. It’s like he thinks I’m fucking stupid. I get he’s used to fucking with stupid ass little girls in their 20s.. maybe that’s what he needs honestly, because I’m not going to sit back and let him manipulate me into feeling like “THIS” is okay and that any problems I have with it are my own doing, and feeling “not good enough” has nothing to do with him because he “can’t make me feel any type of way.” Such bullshit, such a cop out. Yep, all me. That’s something I want to write about in more detail but not right now.

And about the “relationship,” who does he think he is to act the way he does…? When my kid asked me if we were in a relationship, he got all fucking weird about it.. but he turned it around on me, as usual.. saying he was annoyed because I said “no.” Lol.. so when people ask me if I have a boyfriend I’m supposed to LIE to them and say yes? He wants me to be loyal to him, make him feel special.. but when he’s talking to someone and they ask about me I’m “a friend.” Fuck that. I have tried to talk to him about all of it several times but it always ends the same.. he gets mad and we just stop talking about it. And it’s just annoying and even HURTFUL when he says the shit he says.. “I love you.” “I want to be with you.” He says he sees us together in the future.. blah blah blah de fucking blah. It’s all such bullshit. I don’t understand how a person can say things like that to someone when they don’t mean it. And then gets upset when I voice my disbelief or distrust…? I’m not okay with it. I deserve someone who actually does love me in return, and who doesn’t just tell me what they think I want or need to hear.. and who doesn’t want me “on the down low” but claims me as “just a friend.” But when asked if I’m single, I’m supposed to say “no, I have a boyfriend” Nope. There’s someone out there for everyone, or so I’m told.. and I know for a fact that I can find someone who will love me and actually want to be in a relationship with me FOR REAL.. and if not, so be it. I’m okay with staying single. But if he really expects loyalty from me.. or that I will just be there for him and be okay with being alone until he finds someone he actually does want to be with.. he’s mistaken. I deserve more than that. I realize that I’m not the most physically attractive person and yep, he could find someone who looks way better than me.. but I am a good person and I know what I have to offer, and I’ll have no problem finding someone who would be happy and proud to be with me and actually CLAIM me and not say I’m their “friend.” Bottom line is I want an actual MAN who, when some stupid ass whore asks “who is she?” he won’t say “a friend.” I want someone who I know I don’t have to worry about cheating on me.. or blowing me off when he gets bored or when someone better or prettier comes along. I want someone I can count on for the long haul.. and if I can’t have that.. with him or anyone, I’m okay with it. But I’d rather be single the rest of my life, and die fucking alone than be with someone I don’t trust, and have to constantly worry about. ,

But hey, at least I have my doggie.

I’m so ready for things/life to get better. For sure.

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Dear Blog

Tuesday - Jul 5, 2016 @ 9:33 pm

Dear blog,

I’m going to start using you more. A lot more. I have to. I’m tired of being in my own head. I can’t keep going on like this, with no one I can talk to about REAL shit.. someone that actually LISTENS and UNDERSTANDS. It’s just not healthy. I have so many things that I need to work on and change, and without anyone to talk to or share my experiences with.. bettering myself seems nearly impossible.

So I’m going to start using you more.. but not right now. Right now I’m going to go take a bath.


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And here we go again.

Monday - Jun 6, 2016 @ 1:40 am

There comes a point in a person’s life (mine atm) when they have to say enough if enough. It doesn’t matter what it is that they’re going through, or dealing with, there has to be a point where they decide that they are not going to put up with bullshit anymore. I reached that point awhile ago but then I kept trying.. because I don’t give up on people.

And sadly, no matter how much you love and care for someone.. it doesn’t mean that person is meant to be a part of your life. Or a part of your life in the way that you had hoped or thought they would be. I do love Seth, in more ways than one, but love isn’t always enough.

Just because a person is “in love” doesn’t always mean they are happy. You can love a person, and continue to love them always even after they’ve hurt you repeatedly.. and you can try to get over it and stick it out, but deep down inside you know that it won’t ever be the same again. So at some point, you have to let that person go.. so when is the “right” time for that? For some, there is no going back.. for others it may take a month, a year, or a few years.. or even a decade before they finally say “Enough is enough.” Because some people just take longer than others, and keep trying, and stuff their own feelings and insecurities down inside their self because they love that person and want so badly for things to be better.. so the right time is basically just when you reach that point. Until then you’re just walking the edge between staying and going.. but there comes a time, it always happens, when something pushes you over the edge either one way or the other.

I’ve been going back and forth for awhile now.

I’m not even accusing him of anything or saying anything.. because for one, there’d be no point. No matter what he was or wasn’t doing, he’d deny it. He’d never admit to anything. So I’m forced to make a decision about how I feel based on his previous behaviors and knowing him the way I do.. of course I’m going to think he’s being the same shady person he has been in the past.

History repeats itself.

There are just too many “things” that tell me I should just run away as fast as I can without looking back. Too many games. I don’t like having my emotions played with just for the sake of making someone else feel good. It fucking sucks.

I know I don’t know everything… I can only make assumptions and decisions based on the facts that I’m given and the things that I see with my own eyes.

There are things I do know.. and I have to go with what I know.

I know that Seth isn’t a horrible person.. but he’s not exactly “there for me” ever. He’s a lot like my mom that way. She always claimed she loved me.. she would say it sometimes, but she only loved me as long as she didn’t have to DO anything or put forth any effort.. or put herself out in any way. Pretty much as long as it was convenient for her. And as long as I don’t need anything from Seth, things are good. But any time I’m going through something, he pulls away. He doesn’t hardly even say he loves me. We don’t talk about anything, he makes me feel abandoned and all alone. There have been a few incidents in my life since I’ve known Seth that I really needed him to be there for me and he just wasn’t. The time my friend Tracey passed away.. I really needed him, the person who said he would always be there for me but he wasn’t. He basically told me that he felt I was trying to GUILT him into talking to me. He was busy pursuing someone else. So while grieving the loss of my friend, I was also grieving the loss of his friendship. Fast forward to when my uncle was dying.. I guess I didn’t realize the impact his death would have on me. I needed Seth.. just to talk to. But he was busy trying to talk to another girl. Yeah, I know we weren’t an actual couple but it felt like he was cheating on me.. I mean he told me he loved me and when you say you love someone there is some obligation that comes with that. I didn’t really grieve the loss of my uncle much because I was busy grieving over Seth’s actions and how awful he made me feel. I was going crazy feeling not good enough, wondering why he does the things he does..

Fast forward to now.. now I’m going through some financial troubles. Big time.. and through no fault of my own. I’m trying my hardest.. and I’m just going through some other shit emotionally and the person who says they are my best friend or my “person” hardly talks to me. I mean yeah.. we talk. “Hi whats up” “What do you want to do on Destiny?” Type of shit.. But we don’t have actual CONVERSATIONS ABOUT ANYTHING. He pulls away any time I am in need.

And to top it all off.. last night I get a notice on my instagram that a girl named Melissa is following me. I didn’t think anything of it until I get a friend request on Facebook around 6 am or so from “Melissa Townsend.” That’s the name of the girl he was trying to talk to before.. Coincidence? No, it’s no coincidence. It’s the same fucking girl.

If I say anything to him he’d just say he don’t know anything about it.. or say I’m making assumptions or accusing him of shit with no “proof”. He’ll make me feel crazy.. But there’s a fucking reason this bitch sent me a friend request. The funny thing is she un-followed me shortly after she followed, and she canceled her friend request shortly after she sent it. So yeah, I think she just wanted my attention somehow. I mean why else would she do that? So I am inclined to think that maybe they are talking again… And it would make sense. He and I aren’t talking much.. we haven’t been very close lately and I’m going through a lot of stuff right now and he probably thinks I’m being “needy.” Then suddenly she’s scoping out my social media accounts? It can’t be a fucking coincidence.

But what can I say? Nothing. And honestly.. it’s to be expected and I shouldn’t be surprised. So I have to just let it go. He’s not my boyfriend.. even though he has asked me on more than one occasion to “be his girlfriend.” (Just more of those emotional games though.. and the pillow talk. Whatever makes him feel good.)

Another thing I know for sure.. is whether or not he’s talking to her (or someone else..) I deserve better than that. I deserve someone who would never put me in this position where I doubt them, or I can’t trust them.. I deserve someone in my life who will not make me feel crazy or more insecure than I already feel .

The thing is.. I remember being the girl he was *just talking to because it was something different or something to do” back when he lived with one of his previous girlfriends. I remember all of the things he used to say about her and he was telling her he loved her and all this other bs and telling me the exact opposite. And he LIVED with her.. he doesn’t even come to visit me. I don’t want to be in that position.. and any person that cared about me the way he claimed to would never have done anything to make me feel that way or be in a position to doubt him or feel like I’m not good enough. And that’s the bottom line.

I need someone in my life who I can trust, and who will be there for me no matter what. And apparently he’s not that person.

I am not going to cry over it anymore. There’s no use talking about it with him. All he says is “ok” to anything I say. The communication is not there. I do still want to be a friend to him if that’s possible, simply because I do care about him and I want to be a part of his life. Plus I don’t just quit on people like he does. But at the same time.. it can’t be how it has been. I want him to be happy and I hope he finds someone who can make him happy because I surely wasn’t able to. Had I been able to do so he would actually BE with me and BE there for me and not trying to talk to other chicks or pulling away from me.

But yeah.. I would like to be his actual friend. Without all the sex stuff and “I love you” bullshit.. but I don’t know if trying to be his friend would be a mistake. I don’t know if he’s capable of being my friend.. Maybe just Xbox friends. Or something.

It’s crazy how this time I’m not even really all that hurt, I’m just a little sad and feel stupid for trying to hang on as long as I did.

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Tired of life

Thursday - Jun 2, 2016 @ 4:22 pm

Life is.. hard. Sometimes more so than others. Right now is one of those sometimes for me. I know that I should be used to it, and maybe a little bit I am used to it, but I’m more tired than anything.

I’m tired of the stress and the worrying and over thinking. I am tired of being alone with my thoughts and having no one to share them with or talk to. That’s the worst I think. Yeah.. money (or lack thereof) is a big deal. Not being able to pay my bills is a big deal. Having to decide if I’m going to pay my light bill or buy groceries is a big deal. Not being able to get my iron infusion is a big deal.. all of these things aren’t small things but the WORST part is that I’m worrying about it alone.. and that even though I am always the one that helps everyone else, there is no one to help me when I need it.

That’s life though, right? It’s just hard.

It’s hard for me to be positive. It’s hard to act like I’m not going through a bunch of shit.. or make small talk about crap that doesn’t matter.

I know that things will eventually get better.. but I still have RIGHT NOW to worry about. I can’t just sit here and do nothing about it. I just don’t know what to do.. RIGHT NOW.

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